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Chris Pollett > Students > Vijeth Patil

Deliverable 2: A non-trivial Facebook application

Description: a non-trivial Facebook application that displays the user's friends activities such as their updates, user likes, user's recent photos and user's friends using this application. here

Obtaining Source Code: Download Source Code for this Facebook app from here

Building Facebook Application

  • In order to create a facebook application you need to sign in into your facebook account and access developer app
  • Click on the "Create New app" button to create a new Facebook application
  • A dialog box appears, Enter your application name and your application's namespace and you need to agree to the Facebook platform policies
  • In the next section, Complete the contact details, application category and also select 'App on Facebook' in how to integrate your app section
  • You will have to provide the Canvas URL and also the secure version of your canvas URL.

Running Facebook application ( knowyourfriends)

1. Navigate your browser's URL to the facebook app available at this link


2. Click on Go to App


3. Browser will redirect user to Facebook login page to enter your username and password if you have not logged in to facebook


4. Upon Logging in, you'll be redirected to the application showing all your likes, recent pictures and friends' updates