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CS 298 Project Meeting Blog Entries

February 29th : At the Yioop end model create toolbar controller which models the fetch controller. This controller checks the received sqlite file if the data looks right.

February 22nd : Send the sqlite file to Yioop when the row count in the table reaches 100.

February 15th : Create a table to insert url when user a new tab is opened and capture the timestamps too.

February 08th : Download Sqlite3 experiment with an example using Firefox sq-lite storage API.

CS 297 Project Meeting Blog Entries

November 16th: Work on Deliverable4. Make the XUL toolbar captured user clicked and target links to Yioop

November 09th: Do more study on Yioop code to know the flow of control and add the result feature.

November 02nd: Study Yioop search engine code.

October 26th: Capture the user clicked links and display it in the alert when clicked on Toolbar button.

October 19th: Adding a toolbar extension to fire fox.