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Deliverable 1

Page Rank Algorithm

Deliverable: Page Rank algorithm with Google matrix that would work on a 10X10 matrix.

Page Rank algorithm need to be developed in JavaScript.

A Brief Description for Page-rank Algorithm

Internet being source for billion of web pages accessible.A search engine crawls through these web pages and index them. A challenging task and primary concern is to rank the web pages with an algorithm which can incorporate common usage patterns. A pattern like a user who visits a web page A is more likely to click the link to page B than the link to page C.

Algorithm Outline

The Power Method x Bx will converge if B is: Stochastic: Each row contains strictly non negative values and the sum of the values in a row equals one. Irreducible: In the connectivity matrix it must be possible to get from any page to any other web page Aperiodic: Every web page has a link to it self.

A detailed explanation with example can be found at-

The example given in the above link is coded in Java Script and is given here.

[Page Rank for a 3X3]

[Page Rank for a 3X3 Test]

Links for the Page-rank Algorithm Developed

[Page Rank for a 10X10]

[Page Rank for a 10X10 Test]