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Thesis Deliverables

proposal of work for CS297 (i.e. first semester of master's thesis) outlined five primary deliverables. Below are very brief summaries for each of the deliverables along with a link where those who are interested can get more detailed information and download any associated files.
  • Deliverable #1 - Naive Jigsaw Puzzle Parser and Solver: A Python program divides an input image into pieces and then runs a very naive solver on the images. It was intended as a way to get practical experience with solving jigsaw puzzles of this type, and is provided as a reference. Its performance is poor compared to deliverables #3 and #4.
  • Deliverable #2 - Jigsaw Puzzler Solver Literature Review: A PowerPoint presentation detailing the history of square jigsaw puzzle problems to date including state-of-the-art solvers.
  • Deliverable #3 - Paikin & Tal Solver: A Python program that implements the solver approach proposed by Paikin & Tal (see the literature review for more details). This program has only a subset of the features in deliverable #4 as well as some unfixed bugs. In most cases, it is better to look directly at deliverable #4 and not this program.
  • Deliverable #4 - Improved Paikin & Tal Solver with Enhanced Distance Metrics: This is an extension of deliverable #3. It calculates and prints the solver output accuracy and the best buddy accuracy. It also supports creating visualizations of both accuracy and best buddy information.
  • Deliverable #5 - First Semester Final Report: This report is the culmination of all activities in the first thesis semester. It describes all of the work done to date and plans for the activities in the second semester.

The CS299 constitutes the second semester of the thesis; the proposal outlines the initial plan for activities this semester. The final deliverables for the thesis are below:
  • Thesis Report (pdf): This is the complete thesis report for CS299. It describes how hierarchical clustering was used to reassemble the puzzles.
  • Defense Presentation (pdf): The slides from my defense. These were written in Beamer.