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Deliverable #4

A web application implementing the use cases

As a part of the fourth deliverable I worked on implementing a web application for the use cases I found in my deliverable 3. Below are few key points that I did for my deliverable 4

  • Created a ReSTful web service using PHPSlim framework as data provider. The data from the ReSTful service will be used to enable user authentication in our AngularJS application.
  • After the user enters the correct combination of email and password, it will be authenticated from the credentials stored at our MySQL database. On successful login it will store the credentials in the user session and redirect to the welcome page. All subsequent pages browsed after login will have access to the user information
  • Upon unsuccessful login or logout, the app will redirect the user to the login page.
  • Used AngularJS-Toaster plugin to communicate to the user easily.
  • index.php is our starting point of our application contains css files, javascript files and ng-view placeholder to serve all requested partial pages
  • The user upon successful login can see his/her dashboard page with a list of active items for auction.
  • The user can also add items for auction which other buyers can place a bid and buy.
  • Used angular time as a stopdown clock to show the end of bid and pick the user with maximum bid and display as winner.
The source code and the step by step screenshots can be found in the link below
Source code and screenshots