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CS297 Proposal

A Web Based Market Office

Manodivya Kathiravan(

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


People who work in an office often have different pools of resources that they want to exchange. They want to trade their resources/work(seller) with a person who wants that particular resource(buyer) and in return get another resource the buyer offers. For example, a person having an on call on a holiday might want to exchange the on call with another person who is willing to work on that day ,and can take up his technical support for some other day. For another instance professors willing to trade their course credits and travel allowances. In cases like this we need an open market place where we can trade with other people the resources we have without meeting in person.

In this project, I will be working to solve this problem using web-based solutions. My primary focus will be on using auctioning systems.


Week 1: Feb 1 - Feb 7Talk about the project in detail with the advisor. Prepare and deliver CS 297 Proposal.
Week 2: Feb 8 - Feb 14Begin to work on deliverable 1
Week 3: Feb 15 - Feb 21Deliverable 1: A form using AngularJS with database connectivity
Week 4: Feb 22 - Feb 28Will read chapters 5,6,7 from auction theory book
Week 5: Feb 29 - Mar 6Work on deliverable 2 presentation
Week 6: Mar 7 - Mar 13Deliverable 2: A powerpoint presentation on chapters 5,6,7 in Auction theory
Week 7: Mar 14 - Mar 20Start working on deliverable 3 and figure out the possible usecases of the application.
Week 8: Mar 21 - Mar 27Work on UML design of the application.
Week 9: Mar 28 - Apr 3Deliverable 3: UML Design for the application
Week 10: Apr 4 - Apr 10Start implementing few usecases from the design phase
Week 11: Apr 11 - Apr 17Continue work from week 10
Week 12: Apr 18 - Apr 24Deliverable 4: A web application implementing the usecases
Week 13: Apr 25 - May 1 Finalize all the work and start writing CS 297 report
Week 14: May 2 - May 8Continue working on CS297 report
Week 15: May 9 - May 15 Deliverable 5: Complete CS297 report


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. A form using AngularJS with database connectivity :

  • Develop a simple form using AngularJS where user can input values and the values are stored in MySQL database.
  • Query the database and display the stored values.
  • A quick presentation on overview of AngularJS

2. A powerpoint presentation: A literature review presentation based on chapters 5,6,7 from Auction Theory book.

3. UML Design for the application : Develop the UML design for the web application using StarUML and determine the primary usecases.

4. A Web application implementing the usecases : I will be implementing few important usecases determined in the design phase using AngularJS and PHP.

5. CS297 report


[2013] Auction Theory. Vijay Krishna. Academic Press . 2010.