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    [CS297 Proposal]

    [Deliverable #1: Compare Basic Summarizer to Centroid-Based Summarizer using ROUGE]

    [Deliverable #2: Create a Dutch Stemmer for the Yioop Search Engine]

    [Deliverable #3: Create a New Summarizer for the Yioop Search Engine]

    [Deliverable #4: Term Frequency Weighting in the Centroid-Based Summarizer]

    [CS297 Report]

    [CS299 Proposal]

    [Deliverable #1: Test Yioop Summarizers Against a Large Data Set]

    [Deliverable #2: Improve the ROUGE Results for Dr. Pollett's Summarization Algorithm]

    [CS 299 End of Fall 2015 Semester Summary]

    [Deliverable #3: A Numerically Stable Lanczos Text Summarization Algorithm]

    [Deliverable #4: Improving Text Summarization using Automatic Sentence Compression]

    [CS299 Presentation]

    [CS299 Report]


Bio: Charles Bocage

My Bio Picture

I am a part-time Computer Science graduate student at San Jose State University. I also work full-time for HP as a Technical Consultant performing various solution engineering tasks. I have been in love with the IT field ever since I took my first A+ class in 1999. I grew up in Hawaii and got my Associate's of Arts degree from Leeward Community College. I moved to Tracy, CA in 2008 and earned my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science degree from CSU Stanisluas. I was also the Computer Science student of the year in 2013. I am interested in all that is IT related. I mainly like to focus on efficient algorithms, programming languages, web-search and compilers. In my master's project, I will attempt to improve the existing content-based summarizer (CBS) by weighting the sentences based on their location in the content. It will eventually end up integrated into Dr. Pollett's Yioop search engine.