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    [CS 297 Proposal]


    [Deliverable #1:EPUB.ppt]

    [Deliverable #2:an sample EPUB book]

    [Deliverable #3:JS Sequitur algorithm]

    [Deliverable #4:DB schema design]

    [CS297 Report PDF]

    [CS298 Proposal]

    [CS298 Report PDF]

    [CS298 Presentation PDF]

    [CS298 source code zip file]


CS298 Blog:

Week 21-23: 12/1/15 ––12/22/15, working on CS298 report + presenation

Week 20: 11/23/15––11/30/15, finalize the project
- cs298 report draft

Week 17-18: 11/9/15––11/22/15, save page info periodically and display to user the exact same page as he left off last time
can save page info (bookTitle + chapInfo + pageScrollBarInfo) automatically and periodically (every 3 secs);
after retrieving the page info, rendering book page to specified location (setTimeout + windows.scrollTo)

Week 14-16: 10/18/15––11/8/15, finish library+bookshelf page
- retrieve book data from DB and show page accordingly in the browser

Week 11-13: 9/27/15––10/17/15, finish register+login/log out page
- library page + bookshelf page
- show book page

Week 8-10: 9/6/15––9/26/15, construct PHP mvc framework
- register page
- login page

Week 6-7: 8/23/15––9/5/15, shows table of contents and each chapter page well in the browser
- PHP mvc pattern

Week 5: 2/16/15––2/22/15, show contents well in the page
- parse table of contents first and get all the chapter info
- show chapter contents well in the page

Week 4: 2/8/15––2/14/15, get opensource JS lib to read/write zip files
- get JSZip code works with my project
- read Zip files and parse html

Week 3: 9/8/14––9/14/14, implement JS lib to read/write zip files
- follow githup opensource project to get Javascript code works

Week 1-2: 8/25/14––9/7/14, proposal of CS298

CS297 Blog:

Week 15: 5/12/2014––5/18/2014, finished CS297

- CS297 report done

- upload 4 deliverables

Week 14: 5/5/2014––5/11/2014, create CS297 report

- prepare CS297 report in which includes an introduction of the project, details of 4 deliverables and an conclusion

Week 13: 4/28/2014––5/4/2014, database schema design

- learn entity-relational model

- design basic database schema for this web application

Week 11-12: 4/13/2014––4/27/2014, improved SEQUITUR algorithm

- improved sequitur algorithm with both compression and decompression functions

Week 9-10: 3/31/2014––4/13/2014, implement algorithm by JS

- implement sequitur algorithm by JavaScript

Week 8: 3/24/2014––3/30/2014

- spring break

Week 7: 3/17/2014––3/23/2014, research on how ZIP works

- understand "grammar-based compression Sequitur algorithm"

- implement sequitur algorithm by JavaScript

Week 6: 3/10/2014––3/16/2014, research on how ZIP works

- reference on Professor Pollett's previous course cs154 to learn "grammar-based compression algorithm"

- implement sequitur algorithm by JavaScript

Week 5: 3/3/2014––3/9/2014, Learn JavaScript and how ZIP works

- learning JavaScript, especially on decompression part

- research on how ZIP works, especially DEFLATE

- research on LZ77 algorithm

Week 4: 2/24/2014––3/2/2014, Create a sample EPUB file and learning JS.

- update deliverable #1: what is EPUB

- complete deliverable #2

- learning JavaScript, especially on decompression part

Week 3: 2/17/2014––2/23/2014, Create a sample EPUB file.

- complete deliverable #1: what is EPUB

- Solve the issues of creating the sample epub file

Week 2: 2/10/2014––2/16/2014, Learn EPUB format.

- Finish reading Garrish2011: What is EPUB3?

- create ppt of what is EPUB using my own words

- Begin on creating a sample epub file

Week 1: 2/3/2014––2/9/2014, Learn EPUB format.

- Read Garrish2011: What is EPUB3?

- Clarify the major purpose of the project and related technologies

- Get CS297 proposal done