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The aim of this deliverable was to introduce few more features to the autosuggest functionality implemented in deliverable-3. They include:

  • Multi-word suggest feature
  • Making the up and down arrows functional to go through the suggested word list
  • Introduction of scroll bar if number of suggested words are more than five
Below an example of multi-word suggestion. Whenever a space is typed in a query, the suggest list appends the previous words of the query for the later suggestions. This way possible phrases are suggested..

Multi-word suggest

As you can see below, the scroll bar appears when there are more number of suggestions.

Scroll bar appears

Below figure shows that using the arrow keys, a word from the suggestion list can be selected and placed in the search box. Along with this feature, cursor hover has been updated to give the control of selected word from the list, to either the mouse or the arrow keys.

Arrow keys used on suggeted list