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CS298 Yioop! Introducing Autosuggest and Spell Check

10/23/2012 Project meeting-5

  • Discussed on how to spell check and suggestions for romanized queries
  • Submitted the patch for local storage deliverable
  • Todo : Complete spell check feature
  • Todo : Start working on romanized query suggestions

10/9/2012 Project meeting-4

  • Discussed on how to implement local storage
  • Discussed on spell correction technique
  • Todo : Complete deliverable-2 which uses local storage to fetch previously searched queries

09/18/2012 Project meeting-3

  • Reviewed the results of French and Russian autosuggestion
  • Discussed on the next deliverable which is about storing previous queries in local storage and using for the next suggestion to give better results
  • Todo : Develop a feature to Store previous queries and suggest in the successive autosuggestions
  • Todo : Make required changes and submit patch for French and Russian suggestions

09/11/2012 Project meeting-2

  • Discussed the issues in displaying non-english alphabet
  • Few pointers were given for local storage of words
  • Todo : Get the autosuggest working for French words - Part of deliverable-1

09/04/2012 Project meeting-1

  • Discussed the project plan and the deliverables
  • Todo : Update the blog
  • Todo : Get the autosuggest working for French words

CS297 Yioop! Introducing Autosuggest and Spell Check

05/15/2012 Project meeting-14

  • Discussed and reviewed the 297 draft report
  • Todo : Submit enhanced autosuggest as deliverable 4
  • Todo : Submit the patch for multi word suggest, key board events and scroll bar
  • Todo : Submit 297 report

05/8/2012 Project meeting-13

  • Did not attend
  • Todo : Complete and submit the next patch
  • Todo : Complete the report 297

05/1/2012 Project meeting-12

  • Discussed improvements in multi-word suggest
  • Todo : Commit code for multi word suggest, key board events and scroll bar
  • Todo : Create a patch for autosuggest enhancements
  • Todo : Start writing 297 report

04/24/2012 Project meeting-11

  • Discussed new restructured components in Yioop
  • Discussed about foreign language and multi-word autosuggestion
  • Todo : Make autosuggest case-insensitive, document autosuggest.js
  • Todo : Get multi-word suggest working with key board events to select from the autosuggest list

04/17/2012 Project meeting-10

  • Tried lists of high frequency words from different sources
  • Updated the autosuggest feature in latest clone of Yioop
  • Submitted the patch
  • Todo : Update the website as suggested - All documents should validate XHTML 1.1
  • Todo : Make autosuggest case-insensitive, document autsuggest.js
  • Todo : Get multi-word suggest working with key board events to select from the autosuggest list

04/10/2012 Project meeting-9

  • Incorporated autosuggest feature in a local copy of Yioop
  • Discussed ways to modify styling of Yioop page
  • Todo : Submit the patch
  • Todo : Try to modify the styling of search box

04/03/2012 Project meeting-8

  • Implemented autosuggest feature on a dummy website
  • Discussed improvements in the feature
  • Todo : Incorporate the feature into Yioop adding suggested improvements


  • Spring break

03/20/2012 Project meeting-7

  • Did not attend
  • Todo : Deliverable-3 due

03/13/2012 Project meeting-6

  • Discussed about the experiments on Google autosuggest
  • Todo : Deliverable-2 due

03/6/2012 Project meeting-5

  • Discussed compression of tries and examined autosuggest in commercial search engines
  • Todo : Deliverable-1 due - Trie program, Dictionary file and write-up

02/28/2012 Project meeting-4

  • Examined the results of dictionary trie and discussed ways to compress
  • Todo : JSON encode the dictionary trie
  • Todo : Build trie with most popular words
  • Todo : Experiment with autosuggest functionality in other commercial search engines/ Go through the Javascript

02/21/2012 Project meeting-3

  • Discussed on Autosuggest in general and ways to implement
  • Todo : Write a program to build a Trie of dictionary words

02/14/2012 Project meeting-2

  • Fixed Yioop installation errors
  • Todo : Presentation on general Autosuggest functionality

02/07/2012 Project meeting-1

  • Website was setup
  • Todo : Install and Understand Yioop