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CS297 Proposal

A Student Self-Grading System

Chao Liang(

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


Heavy workloads are a common problem for professors. The common use of internet homework submissions today, make it both feasible and useful to have a grading system in which students earn their grades by grading their peers. Such a grading system would not only allow teachers to focus more on teaching, but it would also help students learn from each other. The goal of my project will be to try to develop such a system. Ease of use would be of paramount importance to my project, so extensive user testing will be done. My goal is also to exploit ideas from game theory to ensure it is in the best interest of students to grade as accurate as they are capable of. This project will leverage off of Professor Pollett's existing homework system, but modify the homework return system to collect and deliver survey and grading forms about the materials covered. This proposed system would follow the guidelines of Web Accessibility Initiative to ensure its usability. The system will also include a Wiki system for students to develop a canonically good homework solution. The system would allow students to view their grades and grade distributions as well.


Week 1: Jan 25-31Install different types of browsers and MySQL
Week 2: Feb 1-4Read Book "Designing Web Usability" chapter 1-3: Introduction; Page design; content and site design.
Week 3: Feb 5-11Work on Deliverable 1.
Week 4: Feb 12-18Testing results With different browsers.
Week 5: Feb 19-25Deliverable 1 Due.
Week 6: Feb 26-Mar 4Read Book "Designing Web Usability" chapter 4-7: Intranet design; usability users with disablities;International Use
Week 7: Mar 5-11 Read Book "Ajax in Action" Part 2&3: Core Techniques; Professional Ajax.
Week 8: Mar 12-18Work on Deliverable 2.
Week 9: Mar 19-25Deliverable 2 Due.
Week 10: Mar 26-Apr 1Read document "PHP Manual."
Week 11: Apr 2-Apr 8Read document "Experiences Applying Game Theory to System Design"
Week 12: Apr 9-Apr 15Work on Deliverable 3.
Week 13: Apr 16-Apr 22Deliverable 3 Due.
Week 14: Apr 23-Apr 29Deliverable 4 Due.
Week 15 & 16: Apr 30-May 15Work on report.


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. Install mysql, and rewrite query.jsp (Hw2 from Dr. Pollett's CS157b of fall'03) to PHP and mysql

2. Rework Dr. Pollett's homework submission program and include a progress bar.

3. Experiments with game theory subcomponent.

4. test a online voting system.

5. CS297 report


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