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Joom's CS298 X3D to SVG translator

This is a demo of the Mozilla-SVG build version of my X3D-to-SVG translator. Mozilla requires the file extension .xml to use svg in a document. The demo shows all the primitive X3D shapes: a box, a cone, a cylinder, and a sphere. At the time my project finished Mozilla's SVG did not yet support shading. My translator also does simple clipping. For some reason on Mozilla my translator is much slower than in IE using the Adobe plug-in. My demo has buttons for the user to change perspectives. If you would like to use the translator yourself you need to have the following files all in one directory: (1) Your X3D document. For this example, we are using the file allPrimitives.xml. (2) The displaying html and javascript file demomoz.xml. You will need to edit the line x3dDoc.load(...) to load your X3D document. You will also probably want to edit the width and height of your SVG canvas. (3) The dtd for our restricted form of X3D: x3dtosvg.dtd. Use this DTD when you create your own X3D documents. Just copy the doctype line from our allPrimitives.xml file.

An X3D image of some of the primitive shapes I support.