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List of Duolingo Activities

What does this sound like?A letter (from the language user is trying to learn) is shown with the voice, the user has to map it to the English alphabet.
Select the characterAn English character is shown and with multiple options in the language the user is trying to learn, the user has to select which foreign language letter the English letter relate to.
Write a sentence in a foreign languageAn English sentence is given with multiple foreign language words. User has to select words in a specific order to translate English sentence to foreign language.
Write a sentence in EnglishA foreign language sentence is given with a text box below it for the user to type English translation.
Select the missing word/fill in the blank(s)A foreign language sentence is given with a blank section, the user has to select the right word from the given options.
Mark the correct meaningAn English sentence is given, the user has to select its translation to a foreign language.
Tap what you hearA speaker says a sentence in a foreign language, the user has to select foreign-language words from given options.
English word and picture associationThe English word is given with few options to select it from. User has to select the picture representing the English word. The picture also has a foreign language meaning written at the bottom.
Match the pairFew English letters and their associated letters in a foreign language are given to the user to make pairs out of them.