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CS297-298 Project News Feed

Oct 11

1. bind the action with images overlaying on camera
2. navigate the user to the image taken location

Sep 27

1. finish all screen mock up
2. build database 3. store captured image in database

Mar 22

1.Write script file in order to retrieve surrounding info.

Mar 15

1. Built database for California restaurant information

Feb 8

1. Find the usability of OpenStreetMap API for the project
2. Show alert when use enter the same area last time they saved.

Nov 30

1. Check whether it's feasible to use both front and rear camera in iPhone
2. Use Yelp API to retrieve business and review information by given geo-location and radius

Nov 22

1. Track spots by giving coordination.

Nov 16

1. Learn MapKit
2. Find the poi in the Camera View

Nov 9

1. Utilize iAds to show related ad according to the object
2. Save the camera view with the GPS and compass info and overlay on the camera view if the user is near the location of image has been taken

Nov 2

1. Save the info of image taken by camera to core data
2. Update the description of object on list while it's available

Oct 12

1. Use IQ Engine API to gain info of object
2. Save the compass info and alert when user direct to same direction

Oct 5

Find available API for image visual search

Sep 28

Present Gammeter1, et al. paper to Dr. Pollett

Sep 14

1. List steps to implement SIFT algorithm
2. Show how to store data into database and add extra EXIF file to image captured from camera

Sep 7

1. Upload the bio
2. Show gps and compass info
3. Explain SIFT algorithm

Aug 31

1. Demo app that can overlay static image on top of camera view
2. Present Yap, et al paper to Dr. Pollett.