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CS152 Fall 2021 Lecture Notes

Programming Language Paradigms

Videos of lectures are available.

Below are my lecture notes for the class so far. They should serve as a rough guide to what was covered on any given day. Frequently, however, I say more in class than is in these notes. Also, I tend to dynamically correct typos on the board that might appear in these lecture notes. So caveat emptor.

Week 1: [Aug 23 Introduction to Programming Languages] [Aug 25 Language Design, Spectrum, and Implementation]

Week 2: [Aug 30 More on Compilation - Start Syntax] [Sep 1 Finish Compilation Overview - Syntax - Start C]

Week 3: [Sep 6 Labor Day] [Sep 8 More C for Java Programmers]

Week 4: [Sep 13 make, gdb - Back to Syntax] [Sep 15 Finish Scanning Start Parsing]

Week 5: [Sep 20 Finish Parsing] [Sep 22 Finish Yacc, Names, Scope, and Binding]

Week 6: [Sep 27 Allocation Scope Rules] [Sep 29 Scope Rules, Start Rust]

Week 7: [Oct 4 Rust - Lexicon, Control Structures, Functions] [Oct 6 Yet More Rust]

Week 8 [Oct 11 Practice Midterm] [Oct 13 Midterm]

Week 9: [Oct 18 Semantics] [Oct 20 Control Flow]

Week 10: [Oct 25 More Control Flow] [Oct 27 Yet More Control Flow]

Week 11: [Nov 1 Finish Control Flow - Types] [Nov 3 More Types]

Week 12: [Nov 8 Finish Types; Functional Programming, Scheme] [Nov 10 More Scheme]

Week 13: [Nov 15 Scheme Message Passing - Built-in Functions] [Nov 17 More Order of Evaluation]

Week 14: [Nov 22 Stream and Monads, Start Prolog] [Nov 24 - Thanksgiving]

Week 15: [Nov 29 More Prolog] [Dec 1 More on Cut, Definite Clause Grammars]