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Deliverable 4 : AI player with limited intelligence

Deliverable 4 was to implement a simple AI player with limited intelligence. In this Deliverable, we developed a computer player that can compete with a human player built in Deliverable 2. Rather than providing inputs such as direction, board coordinates or letters as a comma separated value, the program automatically fetches the letters from the board and rack to form a set of promising words that can be placed on the board.

How to run the program:

Enter the number of human players and computer players. For human players enter the following parameters as comma separated value as in Deliverable 2. Each human player is supposed to input the following arguments as csv to run the program.
  1. Arg1: Direction of play (Horizontal-H or Vertical-V)
  2. Arg2: Board Y coordinate ( A- O)
  3. Arg3: Board X coordinate ( 0- 14)
  4. Arg4: Tiles from the rack
Computer players automatically calculate board positions and place the possible word with the highest score.

To execute the program follow the steps below:
  1. Import the folder structure into Eclipse workspace and run in the src/states folder
  2. Choose the Game Mode as "1" to play human-computer game
  3. Enter the no. of human players
  4. Enter the no. of computer players
  5. If human player, enter the direction of placement, Y board cordinate of the letter, X board cordinate of the letter, letters to play as comma seperated value