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Streams recorded mp3 file from Flash Media Server


Flash Media Server has the ability to stream recorded audio/video stored in the server's folder to the connected flash clients.This program streams recorded mp3 file from Flash Media Server to connected clients.

Download file.

Files included in zip file

(1)main.asc file is the server-side script file

(2)playmp3.mxml file is the client-side script file

(3)playmp3.swf file

(4)streams folder contains recorded mp3 file

Software Requirements for running the program

Inorder for the program to work you must have

(1)Apache web server

(2)Flash media server

Instructions for running the program

(1)Create a playmp3 folder inside the applications folder of flash media server and place the main.asc file and streams folder in it

(2)Place the playmp3.swf inside the appache www folder

(3)Type http://localhost/playmp3.swf in your web browser

(4)Click connect button

(5)Click play button, it starts streaming mp3 from server