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CS297 Proposal

Media Applets and Tunneling Applets

Xunyan Yang (

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


Presently, there are three major media formats: Windows Media format, Real Media format and QuickTime Media format . To play the media streams supported by different media formats in browser, we need to install plugin software such as Windows Media player, Real Time player and QuickTime player, etc.. There are two problems of this approach. First, it's not convenient for users since they need to install different media plugin.  Second, the security implementations of different player plugin software are different. There is no unified mechanism to ensure the security of downloading and playing the media stream. The goal of this master's project is to develop a Java media applet which has the ability to play multiple media stream formats in a secure way. The Java media applet will work with server side software which implements Secure Sockets Layer  (SSL) protocol to ensure the security. There are several challenging aspects to this project which will be explored. One is that the Java's ability to play different media formats. The second difficulty is to set the media to streams on top of SSL.


Week 1-3: Feb.2-22 Experiment with JMF media playing functionality.
Week 4: Feb.23-29 Deliverable 1 due. Experiment with the server side program.
Week 5: Mar.1-7 Study RTSP.
Week 6 Mar. 8-14 Study MMS protocol.
Week 7: Mar.15-21Write the server side program.
Week 8: Mar.22-28 Deliverable 2 due.
Week 9-11: Mar.29-Apr.18Study Real media format and Windows media format.
Week 12-13: Apr.19-May 2Experiment secure tunneling program.
Week 14: May 3-9Deliverable 3 due. Write CS297 Report.
Week 15: May 10-16Write CS297 Report.
Week 16: May 17-23Deliverable 4 due.


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. A small application written upon JMF.

2. Server-side program that implements RTSP.

3. Client-side program that attempts to experiment with secure tunneling program.

4. CS297 Report.


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