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CS298 Deliverable

Coordinate System Example

The 3D coordinate system below is an html file being loaded with an object tag. To use the style-sheet tranformation you do not need such a set up. You just need the files (Right click and Save Target to download):

1. x3dtovml.dtd
2. x3dtovml.xsl
3. outer.html
4. threeBoxes.xml

The first of these is the DTD fragment of X3D that we support. The second is our style-sheet transformation. The third is a bootstrap html document that does tricky things with frames to get everything to work. After getting these three files, you edit the line in outer.html to load the X3D file of your choice rather than threeboxes.xml, which draws the coordinate system below. The first couple of lines of your X3D file needs to reference our DTD and and our stylesheet -- the easiest way to see how this is done is to look at the first couple lines of (4) above.

An image of a Coordinate system