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AR App to render shoe model on the screen

Description: AR application to display the 3D shoe model. Explored the first ideated method that is tried fixing the shoe at a particular distance from the camera. This failed because 3D models need to an anchor to be placed and are fixed to that position. Since we will be moving the phone we cannot fix it at a distance. It needs to be fixed at a point. The current method is the second way of interacting with 3D models. 3D model of the shoe can be placed on a plane by tapping. The model remains fixed to that anchor. The user can interact with the model in 3 ways here:

  1. Zoom - This can be done by the pinch gesture
  2. Translate - This can be done by moving the shoes
  3. Rotate - This can be done by hold and move

Shoe model available at: This is needed to run the project.

Example:Image uploaded Shoe placed and anchored to the horizontal plane

3D shoe model placed on the horizontal plane

    [Deliverable 4- Displaying shoe model and interacting in app(POC) - Zip]