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Deliverable 3

Visual and Lingual Emotional Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques

We developed an Android application on which the deep learning model created in deliverable 1 will be deployed. The application is able to access both front and rear camera simultaneously so that it can detect expressions of the individuals facing both cameras.

Download Application-APK

Basics of Android

  • Operating System and Programming Platform developed by Google for smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Open Source.
  • Development Languages: Kotlin, Java.
  • Latest Android Version: Android 11, Red Velvet Cake.
  • Hardware Platform: ARM Architecture with x86, MIPS Architectures are also officially supported in later versions of Android.

About the Application

  • Used Camera2 API Package. It Provides an interface to an individual camera devices connected to an Android Device.
  • In Current Version, application is not using any external dependencies.
  • The application is developed in Java.
  • Some hardwares are not capable enough to give previews from both front and rear cameras simultaneously. Visit this stackoverflow android discussion for more information.

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