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HW#5 --- last modified March 02 2019 13:33:38..

Solution set.

Due date: Dec 6

Files to be submitted:

Purpose: To gain experience with JSP and PHP. To write server programs which connect to a database. To learn a little about web design pattern.

Related Course Outcomes:

Point (9) below involves course outcome (1)[Write validating HTML documents employing CSS and containing standard HTML elements including forms, tables, and client-side scripts].

Points (1), (2), and (3) are geared towards course outcome (2)[Write server-side scripts in Java, PHP, and Perl].

Point (4) is geared towards course outcome (5)[ Write client-side scripts which validate forms].

Point (6) is geared towards course outcome (4)[ Write server-side scripts that process HTML forms]

Points (6), (7), (8) and (9) are geared towards course outcome (6)[Develop and deploy web applications that involve components, web services, and databases.]. You will also get to use sessions and the filter pattern, both of which can be viewed as middle tier patterns.


For this homework you will design a web-site for a charity organization of your choice. If it is a real charity organization, your design should be entirely original and not copy anything from what is already available. You will submit your project in the file After unzipping your file I will put it in my test directory and open the index.php file. I will not alter any other links on any pages so do not use absolute links or addresses or you might get a low score. You have a fair bit of design flexibility on your page so be as creative as possible. Imagine that you might want to give a demo of your work if you had a job interview. I will check the following things while grading your homework. (1) You make non-trivial use of a JSP page. (2) You make non-trivial use of the JSTL (3) You make non-trivial use of a PHP page. (4) You have a form to collect information about people who visit your site and also allow people the ability to donate. This form should be validated with a Javascript. (5) I will give a point if (4) is done especially elegantly and easily. (6) The data you collect in (4) should be stored in a MySQL database. (7) Your site makes use of the bread crumb web design pattern. (8) Your site should create a session. If the user has supplied information in (4) then on any page you should suggest things based on this information in the rightmost column. i.e., you should use a Filter pattern to do this suggestion. (9) Your site should have an about page all pages on your site should validate as XHTML 1.1.

Point Breakdown

Unzipped page worked without broken links. You had a readme.txt file in the the zip file telling me how you accomplished point 1-9 1pt
Points 1-9 above (1pt each) 9pts