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HW#1 --- last modified March 02 2019 13:32:58..

Solution set.

Due date: Sep 6

Files to be submitted:

Purpose: To install Apache. To experiment with the HTTP protocol. To write our first XHTML 1.1 validating web page

Related Course Outcomes:

The main course outcome covered by the coding part of this assignment is (1) [Write validating HTML documents employing CSS and containing standard HTML elements including forms, tables, and client-side scripts.] At this point though the CSS and scripts aspects have not been covered yet.


The first thing I want you to do for this homework is to install Apache on a laptop and configure it so PHP runs. Demoing this to me either at the start of class or before I give out grades for this homework is worth 1/2 a point

For this homework I expect you to work in groups of two or three. Please do not share anything besides informal discussion between groups. You will submit two files for this homework: HttpSessions.log and should have in it a file Comic.html and any images you need for the assignment. To generate the file HttpSessions.log I first want you to do a Google search on the full name of each member of your group. Write down the first link listed for each of these searches. If your group has fewer than three people you can pick random peoples name's to get up to a total of three links. Then at a console I want you to telnet into each of these links by hand and get the associated document. I want you to store in HttpSessions.log the transcripts of the sessions where you do this. In addition, I want you to try to pick one of these sites and try to get a document which is not on the site and give me a transcript also in HttpSessions.log of the session where you get an error message back.

In the Comic.html file that you submit for this homework, I want you to have a XHTML 1.1 validating web page consisting of a 6 pane comic. Your page should have a reasonable <head> section with a title, as well as meta tags telling robots not to index your page or follow symlinks. The panes should be created using tables. Your comic.html should constructively make use of images, links, <span> tags, and have a list on it. Please make your own images rather than use copyrighted ones, but have fun and be creative!

To validate your page use the site:

To make your page really great also test it against

Point Breakdown

HttpSessions.log (1pt per GET transcript) 4pts
Demo of running Apache with PHP on your laptop 1/2pt
Page validates as XHTML 1.1 1/2pt
Page head has a title and meta tags as described above, panes are built with tables 1pt
Page constructively uses images, links, <span> tags, and has a list on it. (1 point each) 4pts