Faculty Information

The Computer Science Department LAN

Most classrooms are equipped with a faculty computer connected to an overhead projector and the department LAN. To use this computer you will need to log in to the LAN using the accounts that have been created for you. You will also need to log in to this network to print. (The printer is located in MH209.)

Here are the instructions:

Lecturer's Start Guide

There's a Smart Board in MH225. Here are the Instructions for using the Smart Board.

The University Wireless Network

Of course you may log in to the university wireless network using your laptop and the wireless account that will be provided to you.


Sometimes the login server for the university's wireless network can get overloaded, preventing your students (and you) from reaching the Web during class. If this happens, call Kevin Ross (4-5060) from the phone in the classroom and ask him to set up a wireless router for your classroom.


Of course everyone is invited to all of the special activities planned for the students. Also, plan on attending the lunch on Tuesday, July 14, at 12:00.