Master's Projects

List of  past and current projects

I am offering to take new students.  They will work on the specific projects that are described below.  If you would like to be one of these students, you should send an email indicating your interest, including which of the projects listed below most interests you, and stating (but not overstating) any relevant experience.   If you have been my student in any course, please mention which course and which semester.   Students must be able to work independently once they get started and know what to do, but keep me posted about their progress; we will schedule face-to-face meetings from time to time when it seems necessary. It would be ideal to have more than one student in each of the two areas below, because then the students could talk to each other.

Experimental Mathematics

Go to the Experimental Math website There you'll see four books at the bottom of the page--you can look for copies of them in the SJSU library. Click Software at that website. Look for the Experimental Mathematician's Toolkit. What you would do in this project is download that Toolkit and learn to use it by repeating some of the experiments described in those books. Then, we would work out together some other, possibly new, experiements, for you to perform for your thesis.

Prospective master's students (regardless of who their eventual advisor may be) should be aware of all the information posted at

Writing Project Rules and Information

which will answer many questions about master's projects. In particular, you must be a classified graduate student and you must have completed your technical writing course.