Masterís Writing Projects completed under Dr. Beesonís supervision


Ghamrawi, Nadia, Scheme for Automatically Transforming Proofs to Cut-free form,  May 2002.


Southwood, Colin, Application of Formal Methods to the Analysis of Cryptographic Security Protocols, May 2002.


Huang, Tony, Automated Deduction in Ring Theory, December 2002.


Lin, Wei-Yi, Automated Deduction in Logic Circuit Design with Otter, December 2002.


Shih, Howard, Automated Deduction in Molecular Modeling using OTTER, December 2002.


Jani, Kanan, Proving Hilbertís theorems using Otter Automated Deduction, December 2003.


Yu, Haxia,  Polynomial Time Primality Testing, December 2003.


Tran, Diemmy,  An Arbitrary Precision Equation Solver, December 2003.


Pham, Viet, Dynamic Quiz Generation, May 2004


Saadati, Shahin,  Algorithms for verifying hypergeometric identities. May 2004. (This was a writing project in the Mathematics Department.) 


Rao, Ranjani, XML communication between Otter and ICS (Integrated Canonizer and Solver), December 2005.


Kam, Robert, Case Studies in Proof Checking, December 2007.