Grad Student Orientation

Chris Pollett

Aug 20, 2019

Welcome New Master's Students!

Getting Started


...Beyond Advisors

Program Requirement Review

To get a Master's in Computer Science at SJSU you need to meet the following course requirements:

  1. Pass the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement by either passing: CS100w, CS200w, or Engr200W.
  2. At least one Graduate Option Course from each of the Subject Areas of Foundations, Architecture, and Systems Software. (9 units)
  3. Three additional Graduate Option Courses. (9 units)
  4. Two Approved Elective or Graduate Option Courses. (6 units).
  5. Complete CS297 and CS298 (Writing Project) or CS297 and CS299 (Thesis).

Technical Writing

The typical way to pass the Graduate Writing Assessment requirement is to take either CS200w, CS100w (requires WST), or Engr200w (with permission).

GPA and Grad Standing

The Writing Project

To finish your master's degree you need to complete one of two culminating experiences:

Academic Honesty