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Computer Science 112
Introduction to CS II

Spring 1998 Syllabus/Homepage

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Chris Pollett
MCS 283
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David Metcalf 
Office Hours M 2-4pm
MCS 266;
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Office Hours

TR 1-2:30
and by appointment

Classroom and Meeting Times

Classes meet TR 11:00pm - 12:30pm in CAS 112. The lab hours are MR 4:00-5:00pm in MCS B29.

Required Textbook

Other Useful Texts

The following text is not required; however, interested students may want to look at it.


To enroll in this course you must have taken CAS CS111.


In this class we survey various abstract data types and the algorithms used to maintain them. We introduce various software engineering techniques that allow us to design algorithms in a clear and modular manner, as well as analyze how algorithms perform. The data types central to this course are lists, stacks, queues, heaps, trees, graphs, hashes, and priority queues. We also discuss recursion and sorting.

Grade Breakdown

Homeworks    50% 
Midterm      20%    
Final        30%

The midterm will be in class on March 24. The final will be Wednesday, May 6 from 9:00-11:00am.

Homework Assignments

Homework will generally be given every week or two and will be programming assignments base on the algorithms and techniques most recently covered. Although consultation between students is permitted outright copying of another person's work in whole or in part is not permitted. Students found to have misrepresented anothers work as their own will be dealt in the strongest way allowed under BU policies governing academic misconduct.

Late Policy

In general, you will have at least one week to work on a homework assignment and two opportunities to attend my office hours before a given assignment is due.

Late homeworks will not be accepted; however, your low homework score will be dropped.


As shown above in the grade breakdown there will be both a midterm and final in this course. The final will cover only material from the second half or the semester. These exams will test whether or not the student has mastered the material both presented in class or assigned as homework during the quarter. I will try to avoid both tricky and ambiguous questions. The week before each exam I will try to give out a list of problems representative of the level of difficulty of problems the student will be expected to answer on the exam. As with the warning above against homework copying, students are similarly warned against cheating on exams.

Mailing List

Other announcements will be made only by email. To add yourself to the course mailing list, log on to a CS cluster computer (such as csa) and type

    csmail -a cs112

Homework Sets

HW1 | HW2| HW3| HW4| HW5| HW6| Practice Final


hw1p1 | hw1p2| hw1p3| hw1ph| hw2p1 | hw2p2| hw2p3| hw3p1 | hw3p2| hw3p3| hw4p1 | hw4p2| hw4p3|

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