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Computer Science 102
Computer Programming II

Spring 1999 Syllabus/Homepage

Last modified 01/16/99


Chris Pollett.
CH 126
Ext 7344.

Office Hours

TR 2:35-4:00pm

Classroom and Meeting Times

Classes meet TR 10:25am - 11:40am in CH120 (Morning Section)
             TR  1:15pm -  2:30pm in CH120 (Afternoon Sections).

Required Textbooks


To enroll in this course, you must have taken CSCI 101.


This class continues the discussion of the Java Programming Languages begum in CSCI101. More advanced GUI features will be considered and object-orientation will be discussed in more detail. We will also discuss file I/O. In addition, we will consider various commonly used abstract data types and the algorithms/methods used to maintain them. These ADTs will include lists, stacks, queues, heaps, trees, graphs, hashes, and priority queues. Recursive programming and various sorting techniques will be discussed. Programming will be done both using Java applets and Java applications.

Grade Breakdown

Homeworks       50% 
Midterm         20%    
Final           30%

Important Dates

The midterm will be Feb 23. I will be out of town on March 19-23. So there will be no class on Tuesday, March 23.

Homework Assignments

Homework will generally be given every week or two and will be mostly programming assignments.

Late Policy / Grading Policy

In general, you will have at least one week to work on a homework assignment and two opportunities to attend my office hours before a given assignment is due.

Late homeworks will not be accepted; however, your low homework score will be dropped.

When I assign grades I usually give the high score an A+. I do curve grades. However, if your final aggregate score is less than 50% you will most likely receive an F.


As shown above in the grade breakdown there will be both a midterm and final in this course. The final will cover only material from the second half or the semester. These exams will test whether or not the student has mastered the material both presented in class or assigned as homework during the semester. I will try to avoid both tricky and ambiguous questions. The week before each exam I will try to give out a list of problems representative of the level of difficulty of problems the student will be expected to answer on the exam.

Homework Sets

|HW1| HW2| HW3| HW4| HW5| HW6|

Selected Solutions

HW1: |Face | BRecord | cRecorder |

HW2: |Add | Draw |

Homework Bot

You can upload your homework to be graded by clicking: CS102BOT

Sign Up Form

People enrolled in this class should complete the following class sign up form: CS102FORM

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