Using Canvas in CS courses at SJSU

If you cannot log in at the Canvas login page, check the SJSUOne help facility.

The following resources should prove useful to students

Assignment specifications

Assignment specifications and needed files are normally available from the Assignments section of a Canvas course. For Fall 2014, they will also be available on the course web site (as given in the course greensheet).

Assignment submissions

All submissions to be made through Canvas are to be made by file upload of a zip file, unless otherwise specified.

When do you make a submission through Canvas, don't forget to click on the Submit Assignment button. Do double check that your submission has been acknowledged.

I will be allowing repeated assignment submissions through Canvas. So it's a good idea to turn in a tentative submission well before the submission deadline, and resubmit if and when you make improvements. Do not count on being able to submit to Canvas in the minute or two before the deadline.

Ideally you will discover any problems that exist with submitting your solutions through Canvas well before the first due date. In any case, let me know as early as you can of any problems with the submission process. In the worst case, you can email me me your solution. There may or may not be a penalty for an email submission, depending on the nature of the problem.