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College of Science Faculty-in-Residence for Accessible Technology

Calstate Coded Memoranda AA-2007-04-PDF and Calstate Coded Memoranda AA-2009-19-PDF are the main documents governing th accessible technology initiative at San Jose state. In addition to these SJSU requires all new class materials to be accessible now. Revised memoranda had delayed some requirements CSU-wide till June, 2010. These memoranda specify that all administrative and instructional materials at SJSU be made accessible by 2012. The goal of the Faculty-in-Residence program is to have a go-to person to facilitate faculty and staff to convert documents to an accessible format. I am currently the faculty-in-residence for the College of Science. I supervise one student, Ram Manusani, who is being paid to convert documents to accessible formats. He can convert Word, Powerpoint, PDF, and HTML documents. He is also available to scan paper documents and convert the result to accessible PDF. If you are in the College of Science and have documents you would like converted please contact me at

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