Google Travel Grant (CGO 2016 only)

The Google Travel Grant will provide limited financial support to students to travel in March 2016 to the CGO 2016 symposium in Barcelona, Spain. The amount of support provided to each student from this grant will be determined by each symposium's organizing committee and will depend on the number of eligible students. The amount will most likely be no more than around US$200.

If you currently attend a U.S. university, you should apply instead for support from our NSF grant.

Application instructions

To apply for travel support from this grant, you must provide the following four documents. Zip up all the documents and email to  Ron Mak (

  1. Your resume.
  2. A cover letter stating your reason for attending the CGO 2016. Include the title of your paper or poster presentation (if any) accepted by CGO.
  3. An estimate of your air or train fare. This can be a copy of the fare listings from the airline or train company website. (Please highlight the appropriate fare.)
  4. A letter from your advisor that

Documents are due February 15, 2016.