CGO 2017         PPoPP 2017

NSF Student Travel Grant

(Students Attending U.S. Universities Only)

  Due to the fixed and limited amount of funds from our NSF grant,  
we are no longer accepting applications for student travel support.

Students who are currently enrolled in U.S. universities are eligible to apply for financial support from our NSF grant to travel to and attend the CGO/HPCA/PPoPP 2017 symposia to be held February 4 - 8 in Austin, TX. Students do not need to be U.S. citizens to apply.

Each symposium will select students from its eligible applicants to receive travel support. Selection will be based on need and the degree of participation (presenters of papers or posters will have priority). Since the total grant is a fixed amount, the amount that can be awarded to each student will depend on the number of awardees, and is likely to cover only a portion of the student's expenses.

Reimbursable expenses include airfare, ground transportation, lodging, symposium registration fees, and meals and incidentals (subject to a maximum per diem amount).

After the conclusion of the symposia, each awarded student must complete and return a Travel Expense Claim (TEC) form and include original receipts. This form will be provided later to each awarded student. Each awarded student must also provide a one-page report on his or her impressions of the symposium that he or she attended.

To apply:

You must provide each of the following documents. Create a zip file and email to  Ronald Mak ( Please use the subject NSF student travel support, and indicate clearly in your email which symposium you are registering to attend.

RAT Form instructions

Download and print out this RAT Form. The grant is administered by the San Jose State University Research Foundation (SJSURF). Scan the completed and signed form, save it as a PDF, and include it in the above zip file.

  1. Near the top of the form, check the “Other” box and specify “CGO attendee”, “HPCA attendee” or “PPoPP attendee”.
  2. Fill in Today’s Date.
  3. Complete the following sections:
    1. Traveler and Trip Information
      • Traveler Name
      • Position/Title: “Student”
      • Phone #
      • Trip Requisition #: (leave blank)
      • Email
      • Home Address
      • Travel Dates
      • Purpose of Travel: “Attend CGO 2017 symposium”, “Attend HPCA 2017 symposium”, or “Attend PPoPP 2017 symposium”
      • Destination: “Austin, TX, U.S.”
    2. Estimated Expenses
      • Transportation
      • Registration, Fees
      • Lodging
      • Meal
      • Other
      • Total
      • Amount Estimated: (leave blank)
    3. Travel Advance
      • (Leave this section blank.)
    4. Authorization Signatures
      • Traveler: student sign and date
      • Direct Supervisor: (leave blank)
      • Account Signer: (leave blank)
    5. Authorization Signatures for High Hazard International Travel
      • (Leave this section blank.)

Submit your application

Email your zip file containing your resume, cover letter, advisor's letter, and completed RAT form to Ronald Mak ( Please use the subject NSF student travel support and indicate clearly in your email which symposium you are registering to attend.