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Working in Mars Mission Control, JPL

Ronald Mak

Department of Computer Science
Fall Semester 2018

Office hours: TuTh: 3:00-4:00 PM
Office location: ENG 250
Mission Control, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission

CS/SE 153 Concepts of Compiler Design

Section 1:  TuTh  9:00 - 10:15 AM  room MH 222


# Date Due Assignment
1 Aug 21 Aug 29 Write Pascal Programs

Sample Pascal program: EmployeeListing.pas
Input file: employees.txt
Output: output.txt

Sample solution #1: HelloWorld.pas
Sample solution #2: SortArray.pas    SortArray.out.txt
Sample solution #3: Presidents.pas    Presidents.out.txt
2 Aug 30 Sep 10 Java Scanner

3 Sep 11 Sep 28 WHEN statement

Input: when.txt    whenerrors.txt


Week Date Content
1 Aug 21 Slides: Goals; compiler as translator; definitions; overview; conceptual designs; parser; scanner; token; front end; intermediate tier; backend; intermediate code; symbol table; code generator; compiler project; Assignment #1
Aug 23 Slides: Interpreters; compiler vs. interpreter; key steps for success; Java packages; class relationships; abstract parser and scanner classes; token and source classes; currentChar() vs. nextChar(); messages;
2 Aug 28 Slides: Initial Pascal-specific parser and scanner; token class; factory classes; initial back end classes; first end-to-end test; Pascal token classes
Aug 30 Slides: Basic scanning algorithm; Pascal scanner; Pascal token classes: word, string, number; syntax error handling; Pascal tokenizer; Assignment #2; symbol table conceptual design; symbol table interfaces; symbol table factory class; symbol table and symbol table stack implementation
3 Sep 4 Slides: Symbol table entries; what to store in each entry; cross-reference listing; statement syntax diagrams; parse tree conceptual design; syntax diagrams: Pascal statements and expressions; parse tree: conceptual design, basic operations, implementation, building
Sep 6 Slides: Pascal expression syntax; precedence rules; example expression decomposition; parsing expressions; Parsing expressions; printing parse trees; Pascal Syntax Checker I; temporary hacks; statement and expression executor classes; executing compound statements, assignment statements, and expressions; runtime error handling; Simple Interpreter I
4 Sep 11 Slides: Parsing REPEAT and WHILE statements; error synchronization and recovery; Pascal Syntax Checker II; parsing FOR and IF statements; Assignment #3
Sep 13 Slides: Parsing CASE statements; top-down recursive descent parsing; syntax and semantics; control statement executors; executing loops; executing if and CASE statements

An article about the FORTRAN compiler for the IBM 1401 computer system. The compiler made 63 passes and ran in 8K of memory; each pass had at most 300 instructions! Assembly language source code of the compiler. Just read the comments for enlightenment.
5 Sep 18 Slides: Multipass compilers; parsing declarations; syntax diagrams for Pascal declarations; constant definitions; type definitions: simple, array, and record; variable declarations; declarations and the symbol table; scope and the symbol table stack;
Sep 20 Slides: type specification interfaces and attributes; string types; type factory; how identifiers are defined; predefined identifiers and types; BlockParser; DeclarationsParser; ConstantDefinitionsParser;

Goals of the course

This course will concentrate on practical aspects of compiler construction, programming language design, and engineering a large, complex software application.

This is a challenging course that will demand much of your time and effort throughout the semester.


Department policy is to enforce
all course prerequisites strictly

CS 47 Introduction to Computer Systems
or CMPE 102 Assembly Language Programming
grade C- or better
CS 154 Formal Languages and Computability grade C- or better

Required books

Writing Compilers and Interpreters, 3rd edition
Ronald Mak
Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2009
ISBN: 978-0-470-17707-5
Source files
The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference, 2nd edition
Terence Parr
Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2012
ISBN: 978-1934356999

ANTLR 4 C++ .h files and runtime libraries for Windows 10:

Online Pascal tutorials

Pascal Tutorial  looks very good. It has an online Pascal compiler.
Learn Pascal  also looks good, although it doesn't appear to cover set types.

Online Pascal development sites