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Compiler Construction

Principles and Practice

by Kenneth C. Louden

PWS Publishing Company, 1997 (now a part of Cengage Learning)

ISBN 0-534-93972-4

This text, currently in its ninth printing, is suitable for an undergraduate course in compiler construction or compiler design. It contains both a theoretical study of compilation techniques, together with many practical examples, written in the C language, and contains a complete compiler for a small language, together with a machine simulator (also written in C), that can be used to execute the generated code. There are individual chapters on top-down and bottom-up parsing, attribute analysis, runtime environments, and code generation. Detailed sections cover the Lex and Yacc tools for scanner and parser generation. There are many exercises, both of the paper-and-pencil variety and those that require substantial programming. An appendix contains complete listings for the sample compiler and machine simulator, as well as the description of a complete compiler-writing project for a subset of C.

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