Sami Khuri's Invited Talks

Designing Effective Algorithm Visualizations

presented at the Program Visualization Workshop organized by the University of Joensuu, Porvoo, Finland, July 7 - 8, 2000.


A computer animation of an algorithm in action can clarify how and why that algorithm works. Although systems for animating algorithms are becoming more powerful and easier for programmers to use, not enough attention has been given to the techniques that an algorithm animator needs to create effective visualizations. Designing enlightening animations is a tricky psychological and perceptual challenge. What information should be presented? How should it be arranged, in space and in time? What will help the student notice patterns? And how can different perspectives be tied together? The talk reviewed the techniques for designing effective algorithm animations and demonstrate examples of these techniques.

Publication in the Proceedings of the First Program Visualization Workshop.

Powerpoint presentation slides

Examples of visualizations for Operating Systems and Data Compression algorithms

Examples of general purpose algorithm animation systems

Examples of application-specific algorithm visualizations

Examples of specialized algorithm visualization systems

Researchers in the area of algorithm visualizaitons


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Last updated on April 25, 2001