Thaddeus Aid


Department of Computer Science

Announcement: CS152 and CS154 now in DH415

Thaddeus Aid with Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace at the Natural History Museum, London

Education is not the learning of facts, it is instead training the mind to think. - paraphrased from Albert Einstein

What is Computer Science?
Computer Science is the study of problems and how to solve them.

Why study Computer Science?
Solving problems changes the world. Through the application of Computer Science’s tools and methods, many problems in the world can be understood and then solved. Computer Science is not about the machines that we use, but instead about solving problems, understanding data, and turning it into knowledge.

What do you teach?
Here at San Jose State University I teach CS152 (Programming Paradigms) and CS154 (Formal Languages and Computability). Formerly, at the University of Oxford I taught a range of subjects; Introduction to Python, Introduction to Perl, Introduction to Programming (C/Python/Perl), Advanced Mathematics, Statistics, Evolution, Bioinformatics, and Population Genetics. At the University of Reading I helped teach Compilers and Algorithm classes. I have produced a pair of introductory classes for YouTube.