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Special Talk: The Free Software Movement

By Richard Stallman

Founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project and author of the GNU General Public Licence

Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 3 p.m.

Umunhum Room, 2nd Floor, Student Union, San Jose State University

Richard Stallman will speak about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software Movement, and the status and history the GNU operating system, which in combination with the kernel Linux is now used by tens of millions of users world-wide. This speech will be accessible to all audiences and the public is encouraged to attend. For more information call the SJSU CS Department at (408) 924-5060.

Photo of Richard StallmanRichard Stallman is the founder of the GNU Project, launched in 1984 to develop the free software operating system GNU. The name ``GNU'' is a recursive acronym for ``GNU's Not Unix''. He graduated from Harvard in 1974 with a BA in physics. He received the Grace Hopper award for 1991 from the Association for Computing Machinery, for his development of the first Emacs editor. In 1990 he was awarded a Macarthur foundation fellowship. In 1998 he received the Electronic Frontier Foundation's pioneer award along with Linus Torvalds. In 2002 he was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering, and in 2003 to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.He is also the recipient of several honorary doctorates from universities around the world.
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