Service System Design Basics – from System to Business Modeling

Professor Stephen K. Kwan, PhD


This presentation looks at service system design from a modeling perspective that incorporates service thinking, system thinking, design thinking, and business thinking. This approach provides an avenue of integration across different disciplines and roles in the service design process. A desirable outcome of this integration would be more effective information and knowledge management from design to engineering of service systems.

::Pictures:Kwan2012.jpgStephen K. Kwan is Professor of Service Science and Management Information Systems in the College of Business at San José State University, USA. He was the founding chair of the MIS department and had served as the Senior Associate Dean of the College. He is currently working on the Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Design (SSMED) research and academic program at SJSU. He is very active in the SSMED community. He works closely with IBM on SSMED and is a recipient of IBM Faculty Awards. He is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Committee on Education and is a member of The International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES). He was credentialed as an industry expert in the US Delegation to the APEC 2011 meeting in the US. He had also worked on projects with NIST, TOTVS, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, the State of California, the US Army, etc. His current research interests include Global Trade in Services, Service Systems & Service Value Networks, and Design Thinking for Service System Innovation. He is also the co-editor with Dr. Jim Spohrer of IBM of the series on Global Perspectives on Service Science to be published by Springer. He received a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Oregon, and a Ph.D. in Management from UCLA.