Need to add courses?

Due to unexpected increases in enrollment, budget cuts, and faculty leaves, the Computer Science Department is experiencing a temporary shortage of classes, especially in its graduate offerings. We are working hard to make sure this shortage does not repeat itself in the future and apologize deeply for any problems it is causing this semester.

All instructors have been asked to give priority to graduating seniors and to international students who have fewer than the minimum number of units needed to maintain their visa status. We ask that students who are enrolled in more than four graduate courses to consider dropping one of their courses before the deadline to make space available.

Step One

The following table shows that there are seats available in CS courses. Students should go to the next meeting of these courses and ask to be put on the waiting list.

Open CS Courses

Step Two

Students are welcome to enroll in any non-CS course. The following table suggests a few non-CS courses that could be counted as CS electives. Other non-CS courses could be counted as electives if the graduate coordinator approves.

Open Non-CS Courses


International graduate students who still need courses on Tuesday morning should meet with the department chair in MacQuarrie 210 between 10:30 – 11:30 to come up with strategies to maintain their visas.

Don't be picky! At this point the probability of opening new sections is very small. It's very hard to find people able to teach graduate level courses, especially after the semester has begun! The choice for many international students will be between taking a course that's unfamiliar and having their visa revoked!