BSCS science requirements, SJSU, effective Fall 2014

last updated April 6, 2015


Effective Fall 2014, PHYS 50 and PHYS 51 are no longer required for the BSCS, although each of them may still count. The Fall 2014 requirements do include 16 units of CS electives, but CS 49J or 49C count toward the 16 units. Students who entered the CS major before Fall 2014 and remain continuously enrolled in the major may still use the Fall 2013 requirements, or any other set of requirements that they were entitled to use before Fall 2014.

In the Fall 2014 requirements, it is still required that each CS major take 14 units of science courses, including

SJSU courses that count toward the 5 units include BIOL 1A, CHEM 1A, GEOL 1, GEOL 7, METR 10, PHYS 50, and PHYS 51. The special course BIOL 23 will also count. Courses taken elsewhere that are equivalent to these courses will count, including courses in a sequence that's articulated with CHEM 1A and 1B. Other courses are unlikely to count, but you may check with the undergraduate CS coordinator.

No course may double count toward the 14 unit requirement, even if it appears on the list above and is also used as a GE course. GE requirements satisfied by listed courses need to be made up with approved science elective courses.

Typical scenarios

These scenarios are based on courses from the list above, that a student might have taken or be planning to take:

  1. PHYS 50 and 51 (8 units)

  2. CHEM 1A, BIOL 1A or a 5-unit PHYS 50 equivalent (5 units)

  3. GEOL 1, GEOL 7, or PHYS 50 without PHYS 51 (4 units)

    note that you may use PHYS 51, any course from Scenario 3 that you haven't taken, or any course from Scenario 2 to satisfy both the 1-unit and the 3-unit deficit
  4. METR 10 (3 units)

    note that you may use any course from Scenario 2 to satisfy both the 2-unit and the 3-unit deficit
  5. none

Making up units

Approved electives for making up units include and perhaps others.

No workshop courses (courses whose course number has a W suffix) may count. SCI 2 will not count.

Excess units from courses used to satisfy the 5-unit requirement may count.

Expect these make-up courses to be included in the Science Electives section of your major form, even if they are mathematics courses.