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[In the spring of 2010, the Cellab software became semi-obsolete---in that it won't run under Windows 7. The "good" news is that Windows 7 can in fact run a virtual machine in Windows XP mode, if you download and install some free Microsoft virtual XP software. I tried this just now, and it works pretty well. You get a little window or a full screen which is an XP desktop. And CELLAB runs fine in the XP window—to make it easy to find your files, you drag the CELLAB folder from your normal C: drive (if that’s where it lives) onto the desktop of the XP Virtual machine window.]


This is a public domain freeware program by John Walker and Rudy Rucker.

The Cellab Cellular Automata Laboratory is the Windows version of a package originally called CA Lab: the Rudy Rucker Cellular Automata Laboratory, and sold by Autodesk, Inc. The main Cellab program JC.EXE was written by John Walker and includes some rules by Rudy Rucker. Enjoy it, back at last, the fastest and best 2D cellular automata program ever written!

Download John Walker and Rudy Rucker's Cellular Automata Laboratory Software as an archive file, CELLAB2.ZIP.

If you live in Europe and have trouble with the download, go to John Walker's site, which is in Switzerland.

CELLAB2.ZIP includes the JC.EXE program by John Walker, which is a Windows port of a the CA.EXE program which was formerly sold by Autodesk as CA LAB. In addition there are a number of new JC rules which were not in the CA LAB release. The CA LAB DOS-window program RC.EXE by Rudy Rucker is included as well.

The CelLab software and its support files are being distributed as public domain freeware and may be used for any purpose without obtaining permission from Walker and/or Rucker.

The Cellular Automata Laboratory text is distributed as shareware which remains under the copyright (C) 1997 Rudy Rucker and John Walker, and which cannot be used for any commercial purpose without written permission from Rucker and Walker.

The CelLab Cellular Automata Laboratory manual is available on this page in HTML form.  Note that this manual has not been fully updated to reflect the changes made in migrating the program from DOS to Windows.  Nevertheless, it still includes good material about the architecture of the program and about the sample rules.  This manual, by the way, is where Rucker first uses one of his favorite phrases: "Seek Ye The Gnarl!"   Read the Cellab Manual!
A copy of the CelLab manual files is available as an archive file you can download here for off-line reading with your browser on your hard drive. Download John Walker and Rudy Rucker's Cellular Automata Laboratory Manual, CELDOC2.ZIP. (To preview these files, click Read the Cellab Manual! above.).

CELDOC2.ZIP contains "long file names" so it must be extracted using a Windows95 extractor such as WinZip.

For a really amazing Java-based online CA simulator with some of Cellab rules implemented, see Mirek's Java Cellebration by Mirek Wojtowicz.

Also see Rucker's continuous-valued CA software, CAPOW.

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