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What is the Center?
How are projects developed?
Why sponsor a project?
We can offer you...

What is the Center?
    The Center for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is a fully integrated program within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at San Jose State University. The center offers students and faculty an invaluable opportunity to utilize their mathematical and computer science skills in solving 'real world' problems for outside clients.  The experience gained from working on sponsored projects also prepares students for future careers in high-tech industries.

    The Center can offer clients solutions to problems that demand time or expertise not available within their companies.  The Center's array of creative sources sometimes exceeds what is normally available to large organizations.  Sponsorship of a project also enables clients to participate in an innovative approach to higher education, establish community recognition, and enrich the departments's academic program.

    The program was implemented in 1983 and by the academic year 1990-91, over 30 year-long projects were successfully completed.

How are projects developed?
    A detailed statement of proposed work is developed for each project by the Center Director and te faculty supervisor, in consultation with the company liaison personnel.  The cost of each project is individually negotiated and the resulting budget is administered by the San Jose State University Foundation like a research grant.

    Respect for each client's proprietary information is a high priority at the Center.  Public reports are presented at the end of each semester and are an important part of students' experience.  If necessary, we tailor these reports to disguise critical information.  Printed reports, written each semester, are proprietary for one year.

Why sponsor a project?
    Clients have trusted us to solve their problems and were pleased with results. We saved them money, aided in improving their designs and helped them remain competitive in their fields.

Our accomplishments include:

We can offer you:
    A team of graduate and undergraduate students, led by an expert faculty member, to work for nine months on your problem- all for less than the cost of hiring one new Ph.D. and with no long term commitments.

    Access to on-campus facilities including a wide variety of computing systems.

    An opportunity to identify, evaluate, and recruit our best mathematics and computer science students.

    We have experts in:

For More Information...
    Inquiries are welcome.  For further information, please contact: Top