Hi, I am Priyatha Joji Abraham, currently pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science at San Jose State University. I chose Computer Science as my Major because I wanted to broaden my horizon and make valid contributions in this ever evolving field. The program gives me the opportunity to explore different interesting areas such as Data Mining/ Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

I earned my bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. To gain professional experience, I decided to take up the job offer from Accenture technology services after under graduation and worked for three years in database development, maintenance and support.

Owing to my predilection on working in Artificial Intelligence (AI), I decided to take up Scrabble AI Game as my Master's project under the guidance of Dr. Pollett. I am excited to develop my favorite board game using the techniques of AI that could generate intelligent behaviors.

Besides academic, I'm also interested in arts such as dance, painting, drawing, music and craftworks. You can contact me at