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Bot Configuration Settings in Yioop


  1. Yioop site administrator should enable bot configuration settings in Yioop server settings in order to add a bot account.
  2. To enable bot configuration settings, one can select Enable Bot Users from the dropdown in the Bot Configuration fieldset of the Server Settings activity. This turns on creating bot accounts.

  3. After enabling bot configuration settings, A user can then choose to upgrade the account to bot user in the manage account section.
  4. The Bot User check box appears when a Yioop site administrator has selected the Enable Bot Users in the Server Settings Activity.

  5. Once the account upgraded as bot user, user should be able to add callback URL and bot unique token in the same view.
  6. When the Bot User check box is checked and save, a Bot Unique Token - A secret value in order to verify the request coming from Yioop Group and Bot Callback URL - A webhook URL text boxes will appear on the same view. These are the bot settings which will be saved in newly created CHAT_BOT table.

Patch with above requirements: Download bot.patch