Bio: Sreenidhi Pundi Muralidharan

I'm Sreenidhi Pundi Muralidharan. I did my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from Rajalakshmi Engineering College, affiliated to Anna University, India. I later joined Tata Consultancy Services and worked with them for almost a year. I did an Open University course on Information Security (CS 166) under Dr. Pollett, last fall (Fall 2012). After that, I volunteered for Mozilla Corp, working as a test engineer and QA on the Firefox OS for mobile phones.

Currently, I'm a Masters student in the Computer Science student at San Jose State University and this is my second semester at SJSU. I worked on a CS 280 project with Dr. Pollett last Spring, on experimenting with the usability of Yioop, by improving the user experience on a reverse turing test (CAPTCHAS) to find out if the user is a human or a computer. This lets users dynamically add/delete questions themselves to the database as well, in addition to solving the CAPTCHA questions.

This semester, I am working on my master's project, "On-the-fly Map Generator for Openstreetmap Data using WebGL". This project aims at the use of shaders and 2D vectors to render maps in the browser. See proposal for more details.

I can be contacted through my email address