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Deliverable 1: Experiment with Heritrix

Description: Did study about heritrix, built project source code and got it to run and do sample crawls.

Obtaining Source Code: Download Source Code for Heritrix from sourceforge svn url using following command: svn co heritrix-1.14.4

Building Heritrix:

  • Heritrix can be built from source using Maven. Note: Do not use Maven 2.x
  • Setup the required plugins as described in Developer's Manual of Heritrix, point 2.2.[1]
  • Go to the heritrix-1.14.4 folder we have built: cd heritrix-1.14.4
  • Run maven command to start building: maven dist
  • If any error occurs, follow the onscreen instruction and download the required package for maven manually.

Running Heritrix:

  • Go to heritrix-1.14.4/bin directory and type following command to launch web-interface for heritrix: heritrix --admin=LOGIN:PASSWORD
  • Here, LOGIN=admin, PASSWORD=letmein
  • Launch Web Browser and go to following address to access web based user interface for Heritrix: [2]
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