Preethi Vishwanath's Bio

I am Preethi Vishwanath and I spent all of my formative years in Mumbai, India. I was pretty keen on becoming a physician initially, but ended up pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Mumbai University, which I quite enjoyed. I graduated with honors, and joined Citicorp, Mumbai, developing financial application software for them. I worked there for three years, before getting married and coming to the United States. I initially started my graduate school at CSU East Bay, but quickly moved to SJSU, since I found the thrust on actual implementation at SJSU more to my liking. While at school, I got an offer to work at SBC, San Ramon, as a software engineer, which I picked up. However, my career interest in databases found me moving to a position with IBM Silicon Valley Labs working on XML support for DB2. Iím currently pursuing a coop position there, and hope that my Masterís project would help me further my career interests, in addition to exposing me to the internals of an open-source DB (Postgres), which should be fun!