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CS297 Proposal

Stylesheet Translations of SVG to VML

Julie Nabong ( )

Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based language useful for producing two-dimensional graphics such as shapes, lines, and text. It was created by the World-Wide Web Consortium. Currently, SVG can be viewed in web-browsers using a plug-in such as the Adobe SVG plug-in. An earlier language for creating vector graphics on the web called, Vector Markup Language, was developed by Microsoft. Vector Markup Language (VML), just like SVG, is an XML-based language to generate two-dimensional graphics. It can be viewed in Microsoft IE version 5.0 and higher. Although, SVG is generally considered a superior format as the base of browser technology is slowing it does not look like it will be natively supported by microsoft anytime soon. The goal of this master's project is to develop stylesheets and Javascript technolgy to translate SVG to VML within Internet Explorer in as transparent a manner as possible. There are several challenging aspects to this project which will be explored. One is that VML does not fully support some of The project features of SVG such as gradients. The second difficulty is to make SVG's Javascript document object model to work seamlessly from the VML setting. A last issue is to try to get the speed of the translation as close to that of the plug-in based solution as possible.


Week 1 & 2: Aug 25 - Sept 5Learn VML. Read [VML98], work on Deliverable 1.
Week 3 & 4: Sept 8 - 12Learn SVG. Read [C02]. Deliverable 1 due.
Week 5 Sept 15 - 26Learn Stylesheets. Read [K01], work on Deliverable 2.
Week 6 Sept 29 - Oct 3Learn the SVG Document Object Model (DOM). Deliverable 2 due.[W3C01]
Week 7 & 8: Oct 6 - 17Experiment with transforming two stylesheets in one document. Read [S03], work on Deliverable 3.
Week 9 & 10: Oct 20 - 31Learn Optimization in Javascript. Read [G01]. Deliverable 3 due.
Week 11 & 12: Nov 3 - 14Learn How to Get Gradient Appear the same in VML. Read [D03], work on Deliverable 4.
Week 13 & 14: Nov 17 - 28Deliverable 4 due, work on Final Report
Week 15 & 16: Dec 1-12Final Report due.


The full project will be done when CS298 is completed. The following will be done by the end of CS297:

1. A file with SVG and VML pictures.

2. A file containing buttons transforming an XML file using stylesheets.

3. A working example of two stylesheet transformations of a VML image.

4. A working example of a translator that translates an SVG picture to VML.

5. CS297 Final Report


[C02] Kurt Cagle. SVG Programming. APress. 2002.

[D03] Don Demcsak. Introduction to the SharpVectorGraphics Project SVG Open 2003: 2nd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics.

[H01] Elliotte Rusty Harold. XML Bible (2nd Ed). John Wiley & Sons. 2001.

[G01] Danny Goodman. JavaScript Examples Bible. Hungry Minds, Inc. 2001.

[K01] Michael Kay. XSLT. 2nd Edition. Wrox Press Ltd. 2001.

[S03] Bhavin Shah. Scalable Vector Graphics. 3rd Annual CM316 Conference on Multimedia Systems. 2003.

[VML98] Introduction to Vector Markup Language. MSDN 1998.

[W3C01] SVG Document Object Model (DOM).