Julie Nabong's Bio

I am Julie Nabong. I was born in the Philippines, a nation which is slightly larger than Arizona, located in Southeastern Asia, composed of 7,100 islands, and a former US colony. I came to the US on a hot summer day in 1986 as a resident. I thought that this hot weather which reminded me of home would persist for a long time, apparently I was wrong.

I find the US an awesome country having abundant resources. The first time I took a trip to the grocery store, I was so amazed to see colossal onions, giant watermelons, huge garlic cloves, and other oversized produce that made me think I ate miniature versions of those in my homeland.

I also enjoy the many interesting places this country offers. Since 1986, I am lucky to have visited several states and the neighboring countries Mexico and Canada. I plan to see more states.

Currently, I am a licensed California teacher, and have been teaching computer applications at Hayward Adult School for nearly seven years. I certainly like it. My computer curiosity started when I used Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS. In addition to teaching, I also enjoy hiking, cooking, watching movies, and playing golf.